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Covenant truck on the highway

Three publicly traded carriers reported results on Oct. 19 with two reporting profits better than 2016 and one with a decline in the third quarter.

The percentage of U.S. workers in “safety-sensitive” jobs — a category that includes truck drivers — who flunked their federally-mandated drug tests increased at an “alarming” rate from 2015 to 2016, according to an analysis of drug testing data collected by the nation’s largest lab. Overall, the percentage of safety-sensitive workers who failed crept up year-over-year, the report said.

Ray Martinez's top priorities would be ensuring proper regulatory balance and smooth integration of self-driving technologies, and expanding partnerships with the private sector if he is confirmed to lead the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

U.S. retail sales of Class 8 trucks in September hit their highest level in 16 months, climbing over 17,000 units as a broad cross-section of buyers sought trucks, experts said.

It’s rare that major economies all grow at the same time. For investors that’s sometimes frustrating. There’s always at least one country—Brazil, Russia, wherever—blotting a multinational’s otherwise decent set of numbers.

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ATA Chairman Kevin Burch on Fox

About 13 hours after President Donald Trump saluted ATA Chairman and Jet Express President Kevin Burch for his 40-plus years in trucking, Burch appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" morning program Oct. 12, pointing out that the need for small-business tax reform shouldn't be a partisan issue.

Video highlights from President Donald Trump's Oct. 11, 2017 address to leaders of the trucking industry and others at an Air National Guard hangar outside Harrisburg, Pa.

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Chris Maxwell, Patricia Morgan

The Federal Highway Administration is taking applications from states interested in collecting tolls at interstate facilities, according to a document published in the Federal Register on Oct. 20.

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Freight Firms Report Progress in Puerto Rico

The distribution of essential supplies and recovery kits is occurring in higher volumes, helping to improve conditions in Puerto Rico, according to two freight firms with operations in the U.S. territory.

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